Taqueria Davis

December 17, 2012

Taqueria Davis


Most Friday evenings, I barely peddle into the driveway before collapsing on the couch. I’ll spend almost the entire night there, only shuffling into the kitchen to microwave a frozen meal or plodding into the bathroom to brush my teeth before bed. On the rare occasion that I summon up enough energy to drive someplace for dinner, we often go to Taqueria Davis.


Although I usually order the same soft tacos during every trip, I felt obligated to pick something new for my “official” visit to restaurant #25. After a minute or two of scanning the menu board and a little advice from the owner, I decided on a new dish and picked up some chips and salsa while waiting.  


Taqueria Davis -- beef soft tacos


I opted for the beef soft taco (instead of chicken!) and a chicken enchilada with tomatillo sauce, both à la carte. The tender steak—not ground beef!—came topped with onions and cilantro, an authentic Mexican taco instead of the Tex-Mex way with lettuce and cheese. With that much meat on the plate, I easily filled each tortilla and still had a little extra to eat with a fork!


Taqueria Davis -- chicken enchilada


As for the enchilada, a soft tortilla encased the moist shredded chicken, and both the spicy green tomatillo sauce and a creamy white cheese were spooned on top. While I would’ve liked a little more tomatillo and a little less cheese, I still polished off the plate.


Taqueria Davis -- carne asada fries


My guy ordered one of our favorites: carne asada fries (but without the sour cream). The same tender steak and juicy tomatoes topped a bowl of hot, freshly cooked French fries, and a few dollops of guacamole and cheese finished off the dish. More than enough food for one person, I quietly snuck a few bites without him noticing, and he still left a few friends in the bowl!


Located on the edge of downtown, Taqueria Davis serves delicious and authentic Mexican dishes. The owners always greet each customer at the cash register with a smile, one of those big genuine ones that extends up to their eyes and makes me feel like I’m part of their family. That, and the flavorful food, keeps me coming back for more!


Taqueria Davis


website: click here

Davis wiki: click here

hours: Mon-Sat 11a-9p


ordered: chicken enchilada with tomatillo sauce, beef soft taco, carne asada fries without sour cream

previously ordered: chicken soft tacos, vegetarian burrito, asada burrito, chicken burrito

menu comments: authentic Mexican dishes

2-3 daily specials described in front of the register

chips and salsa bar with every meal

etc: incredibly sweet owners!

only indoor tables; no booths or outdoor seating




One comment

  1. I have not had carne asada fries in so long. Those look amazing! You have made me hungry. Time to go and see what I can make for dinner. I am sure it won’t be as visually appealing as the food you placed on here.

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