Hometown Chinese Food

November 20, 2012

Hometown Chinese Food


After changing my strategy, a friend pointed out a very obvious flaw: I would probably procrastinate on dining at restaurants with food I dislike and end up with 17 Chinese establishments to finish off the List! Disturbed by the possibility of three months of cream cheese wontons and fried orange chicken, I resolved to visit a Chinese place for restaurant #24.  


We walked into Hometown Chinese Food on a rainy night, and after scanning their food and drink menus, we placed our order and sat down at a table. Although very few customers occupied the restaurant, we spent 50 minutes people-watching while waiting for the kitchen to call out or number.


Hometown Chinese Food -- beef noodle soup


I chose the beef noodle soup. The majority of the dish consisted of long soggy noodles, a result of boiling or sitting for too long in the kitchen. The cook failed to cut off any of the globs of excess fat before dropping the six hunks of tough beef into the bowl. Bits of greens floated in the slightly watery broth, including a random pepper and piece of asparagus. Unimpressed, I left most of the food untouched.


Hometown Chinese Food -- Mongolian beef


My companion ordered his favorite, the Mongolian beef. Thin tender slices of meat came coated in the spicy dark sauce with crisp onions and red bell peppers mixed in. A large portion of stick white rice rounded out the meal. I stole most of his veggies plus a few pieces of meat before we left… His dish was much better than mine!


Hometown Chinese Food offers more authentic Taiwanese and Chinese cuisine, but their prices are increasing while the service is extremely slow. I’d only recommend this place for a very leisurely meal, and be sure to pay with cash: they add a surcharge to any ticket paid for with a card.


Hometown Chinese Food


website: none

Davis wiki: click here

hours: Mon-Sat 11:30a-9p


ordered: beef noodle soup, Mongolian beef rice combo

previously ordered: vegetable fried rice, cashew chicken rice combo

menu comments: more authentic Chinese & Taiwanese food compared to other restaurants

can order à la carte (all entrée) instead of rice combo but pay a little extra

don’t give detailed descriptions of any dishes (i.e. fried versus sautéed, types of vegetables or sauces, etc)

etc: really long wait times

have been raising prices over the past year

currently charge 50¢ for using a card under $10 or 25¢ if over $10




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