Sugar Daddies

November 13, 2012

Sugar Daddies


I’m a dessert dragon. Just like they hoard their gold, I hoard my sweets—and one is never enough. So two days after my rich strawberry and nutella crêpe, my sugar craving returned, and I skimmed through my new list for a satisfying solution. When my eyes stopped at “Sugar Daddies,” I called up my guy and asked if he was interested.


Already downtown and only a block or two away, he offered to take my order and stop by restaurant #23 for me before driving home. Swamped with papers to grade, I quickly agreed, and he knocked on the door 20 minutes later with a plastic cupcake box in hand.  


Sugar Daddies -- dulche de leche cupcake


I requested the Dulche de Leche cupcake, a flavor reminiscent of both butterscotch and caramel. The moist white cake, although bland, came topped with buttercream and a dot of the creamy dulche de leche sauce. While the description promised a dulche de leche frosting, it was too thick and stiff and cloyingly sweet to enjoy that addicting flavor I love so much, and my stomach clenched from a sugar overload as I swallowed the last bite.


Sugar Daddies -- caramel comfort cupcake


My guy chose the Caramel Comfort. The chocolate cake, again bland yet moist, was filled with a sweet caramel sauce and finished with their fudge topping and more caramel swirls. Although disappointed by many of their cakes and frostings, I would buy out their entire inventory of fudge topping if they sold it in a jar. And then eat it with a spoon. It’s that good. (Lucky me, my guy ate too much at dinner and offered me the last four bites of his fudge-frosted cupcake. Yum!)


With their bright storefront and friendly service, Sugar Daddies easily welcomes any hungry customers stopping by. While unimpressed by many of their cupcakes, I would highly recommend trying their house-made ice cream on Monday nights. For only $1, they offer creamy scoops of exotic flavors like Mexican chocolate, avocado coconut, and chai tea. Bring your kids, bring you date, or just bring yourself—and definitely consider buying a treat to go!


Sugar Daddies


website: Cupcake Craving or Davis Creamery (Facebook)

Davis wiki: click here

hours: Mon-Wed 11:30a-10p, Thurs-Sat 11:30a-11p, Sun 11:30a-9p


ordered: dulche de leche cupcake, caramel comfort cupcake

previously ordered: s’more galore cupcake, red velvet rescue cupcake, mint meltdown cupcake, koo-koo for macaroons cupcake; cowpie with oatmeal raisin and double chocolate chip cookies and salted caramel ice cream

menu comments: different specials: Mon – $1 scoops of ice cream (after 5p); Tues – $2 cupcakes; Wed – $6 quarts of ice cream; Thurs – $3 cowpies (ice cream cookie sandwiches); Fri – $3.50 shakes (4-7p)

lots of interesting ice cream flavors

cakes bland, frostings too sweet … except fudge topping!

etc: usually have coupons in the Little Green Coupon Machine

recently added an outdoor seating area

sell treats at the Farmer’s Market





  1. ‘desert dragon’ – i’ll remember that one. all the best people are!

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