November 9, 2012



With my big chocolate craving, I begged my guy to accompany me to Crepeville last weekend. He readily agreed, and we pulled on the knife door handle of restaurant #22 before staring up at the coloring chalk menu boards and placing our order.  


Crepeville -- half Fuji salad


The speedy service quickly delivered our entrées. I asked for the half Fuji salad and immediately double-checked the receipt when it arrived. It just looked too large and too good to be true! The greens completely covered the plate, piled high with Gorgonzola cheese, candied walnuts, carrots, and thinly sliced juicy apple. The sweet nuts and fruit balanced well with the salty cheese and slightly bitter greens, and the balsamic vinaigrette tied the entire dish together. With a soft baguette on the side, I had more than enough food for two delicious meals.


Crepeville -- country scramble


My guy felt more like breakfast and chose the country scramble (without mushrooms so I could try a bite—aww!). The eggs came out under seasoned and with a really thick layer of Jack cheese, but the savory sausage medallions added a nice flavor and textural contrast. And the potatoes. Oh, the potatoes. They deserve a post all to themselves—we’ve gone to Crepeville before just to order a plate of the house potatoes! Soft and warm on the inside with just enough crunch on the outside, these herbed beauties would impress any Idaho or Irish potato farmer!


Crepeville -- strawberry and nutella crêpe


But I still saved the best for last: a strawberry nutella crêpe for dessert. With a side of whipped cream, the soft thin pancake came topped with juicy fruit and a drizzle of the rich hazelnut sauce, while even more oozed out from the filling with every bite. I barely refrained from licking the nutella off of the plate… Pure bliss. Pure chocolatey hazelnutty bliss.


Crepeville is a family-friendly restaurant with a warm and welcoming atmosphere. They serve both standard and hip dishes—how many places can you find good crêpes outside of San Francisco?? While they sometimes under season their eggs and savory crêpe fillings, you’ll scrape the plate clean after ordering their house potatoes and dessert crêpes; I guarantee it!




website: none

Davis wikie: click here

hours: 7a-11p daily (kitchen closes at 10:30p)


ordered: half Fuji salad with a baguette, country scramble without mushrooms with a bagel, strawberry nutella crêpe

menu comments: something for everyone! sweet and savory crêpes, eggs and omelettes, salads, sandwiches, soup, and more

large portions for the price

savory crêpe fillings and eggs often lack basic seasoning (i.e. salt and pepper)

etc: order at the counter and get a number

ATM in the back … used to be cash-only, may accept cards now

cute hand-painted tiles circling the tops of the walls

love the door handles!




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  1. […] I brainstormed desserts to bake, I recalled my brief love affair with a particular dessert crêpe shortly after her visit. Nutella oozed out the sides of the thin pancake and threatened to dribble […]

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