A New Strategy

November 6, 2012

To say my life is busy would be an understatement. I’m buried under a To Do List that’s longer than I am tall (I know, I’m only 5’3”, but still!) and constantly scheduling meetings, grading papers, and biking around town for library books and groceries. Zombified by 4 pm every day with another 3 hours of work to go, my sub-zero energy levels barely provide enough juice for me to microwave a frozen entrée for dinner, let alone spoon it into my mouth without falling asleep.


Which meant that my 5 unused brain cells got rather stressed out about my lack of attention to this blog. How could I give you any mouthwatering reviews if I couldn’t even stay awake long enough to place an order? But I didn’t have time… I didn’t have time… I didn’t have…


Wait. What if I reorganized the List? Instead of following the randomly generated order, what if I grouped them by category so I could fit the places into my time schedule, instead of trying (and failing miserably) to fit my schedule to them?


Davis restaurants by category


So I did. And now it’ll be a guessing game as to what comes next… But I’ll give you a hint for this one! I was definitely craving a chocolatey dessert over the weekend.


Where in Davis did this hungry blogger go?…




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