October 25, 2012



One dreary morning, my guy and I finally synched up our schedules to overlap long enough for a quick visit to restaurant #21. We buckled ourselves into my car and drove to Cindy’s on the outskirts of town. As we pulled open the glass door, a server behind the counter called out for us to sit at the first empty booth, and a waitress tossed menus on the table.  


Although the service continued to fail in the “friendly and welcoming” category, I still scanned the menu excitedly. A friend mentioned something about a cinnamon roll a while back, and my ginormous sweet tooth begged me to order it. I couldn’t help it; I had to give in! I even asked for the grilled cinnamon roll meal instead of just the regular side order.


Cindy's -- grilled cinnamon roll


Now I grew up with Pillsbury cinnamon rolls popped out of a can and coated with a sweet cream cheese glaze. At Cindy’s, they quadrupled the size! Then the cooks cut one in half, toasted the interior sides until extra crispy, and topped them with strawberry yogurt and fresh fruit. I prefer a little more cinnamon and a little less crunch, but I scraped every last crumb off of my plate and smiles as I licked my lips.


Cindy's -- skillet #5


My guy opted for a plate with a little less sugar: skilled #5 with kielbasa, corned beef, and sourdough toast. The house potatoes, although soft and hot on the inside, spent a little too much time on the grill, and many had burned bits on their bottoms. The ample corned beef dominated the plate with very few kielbasa bits sprinkled throughout. Shredded cheese topped the over easy eggs with their perfect whites and runny yolks, and the side of salsa added a nice spicy note to the dish.


Cindy’s offers large portions of homey comfort food at decent prices. The speedy service delivers your food just minutes after you order, but try coming a little earlier in the day before the kitchen starts rushing to plate the crowd’s tickets.


(And don’t worry, the review of their Kow Thai dinner service will come later!)




website: none

Davis wiki: click here

hours: Mon-Fri 6a-2p (breakfast/lunch); 5-9:30p (dinner); Sat-Sun 6a-2p (breakfast/lunch), 4:30-9:30p (dinner)


ordered: grilled cinnamon roll, skillet #5 with sourdough toast

menu comments: typical breakfast and lunch diner food

large portions, decent prices

only offer a few lighter and healthier options—not a place for diets!

etc: unique stained glass chandeliers

needs some renovation; my booth’s seat cushion was duct taped together

do serve breakfast during dinner hours (as of August 2011)




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