Fluffy Donuts

September 25, 2012

Fluffy Donuts


As soon as I checked the Natsoulas Gallery Café off of the List, I started bouncing around more than a little kid on Christmas morning. “Donuts! Donuts! We get donuts!” I chanted in my head aloud, dancing around the house. Although morning meetings at work prevented us from going for breakfast, we sped over to restaurant #18 at noon for our sugar fix.


I nearly sprinted into Fluffy Donuts and pressed my nose flat up against the glass display case. With so many options—glazed, frosted, sprinkles, coconut, crumb, bar, twist, old-fashioned—I just couldn’t make up my mind… I wanted them all! But when a line began forming behind us, I played eenie-meanie-miney-mo and placed our order.  


Fluffy Donuts -- chocolate bar


We bought three donuts: a chocolate bar, a chocolate old-fashioned, and a chocolate-frosted plain with sprinkles. (Guess which one was mine!) The first was a yeast donut and completely lived up to the store’s name. I immediately became addicted to the soft, fluffy bar and snuck another small nibble every time my guy looked away. Shh, don’t tell…


Fluffy Donuts -- chocolate-frosted plain with sprinkles & chocolate old-fashioned


The latter two were cake donuts with a denser interior. We both enjoyed the stiff crisp exterior of the old-fashioned, which complemented the soft dough inside. The “kiddie” donut had a very subtle hint of cinnamon in the batter, combining well with the light chocolate frosting. And who can resist those colorful sprinkles?


If you ever come to Davis, go to Fluffy Donuts. Period. A true gem, they offer other breakfast pastries, Thai tea, and Vietnamese sandwiches in addition to some of the best donuts in the county. I shamelessly lick my fingers after every one I eat, and I guarantee you will do the same—or your donut is on me!


Fluffy Donuts -- old-fashioned, powdered sugar, glazed


website: none

Davis wiki: click here

hours: 5:30a-5p daily


ordered: chocolate bar, chocolate old-fashioned, small chocolate-frosted plain with sprinkles

previously ordered: small chocolate-frosted chocolate with sprinkles, cinnamon roll, donut holes

menu comments: offer every donut imaginable! the classics, donut holes, and even French cullers

also offer sandwiches (Vietnamese and American), cinnamon rolls, Thai iced tea, and more

large glass case with numerous chilled drinks

etc: lots more donuts early in the morning!

will give you the exact donut you point at

owner really friendly





  1. Pretty sure my mom worked here when she was in college, unless there is more than one? But she went to Davis, so I’m guessing so!

    Just discovered this blog! Love it! What a fun idea! And an excuse to try new places, wonderful!

    • There are only two donut shops in town currently, the other of which opened up much more recently, so probably so! And thank you for your sweet compliments. I hope you continue to come back and read more!

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