Natsoulas Gallery Café

September 22, 2012

Natsoulas Gallery Cafe


Although the Natsoulas Gallery Café isn’t exactly a restaurant or eatery, I still penciled it in on the List because they do serve drinks. (And someone wrote a review on Yelp, which I used along with Daviswiki as my source for all Davis restaurants.) After meeting under the mosaic man out front, we cautiously entered the deserted gallery.  


Natsoulas Gallery Cafe -- iced tea


We paused at the vacant drink bar long enough for me to fill a cup with iced tea. It tasted like any other generic black iced tea, slightly bitter and a bit watery. While a hand-written sign advertised fancier drinks made by the lady behind the gift shop counter, I preferred not to bother her and wandered around the art instead.


During our visit, the John Natsoulas Gallery housed an exhibit on painted landscapes. The canvases dotted the stark white walls, varying from grassy valleys to garish motel signs. When I spotted the prices, ranging from $500 to $3000, I unconsciously took a few steps back away from the paintings and admired them from afar.


The Natsoulas Gallery Café is quaint and quite limited in its offerings. They only serve drinks, but with the rotating as exhibits as the main attraction, the short menu isn’t surprising. Don’t come here for food or beverages—come for the paintings (or peace and quiet)!


Natsoulas Gallery Cafe


website: click here (gallery only)

Davis wiki: click here

hours: Wed-Thurs 11a-5p; Fri 11a-10p; Sat-Sun 12-5p


ordered: iced tea

menu comments: self-serve coffee and tea, honor system for paying

can order other coffee drinks, beer, or wine from the gift shop desk

no food though!

etc: really quiet! great place to study

tables and chairs throughout the gallery

poetry or music event every Thursday evening




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