September 15, 2012


With all of the moving madness and ceaseless unpacking, I blurted out nearly every excuse to stop and rest that passed through my brain. “It’s hot, let’s take a break!” “I’m sweaty, let’s take a break!” “My arms hurt, let’s take a break!” “I’m hungry, let’s take a break!” That last one finally worked, and I grabbed my keys off of the counter to drive us to restaurant #16.


As we pulled opened the glass doors, the servers called out, “Welcome to Pinkberry!” from behind the counter. We approached slowly, scanning the menu board as we walked. After one sample apiece, we placed our orders.  


Pinkberry -- hazelnut and green tea/pomegranate


Ever the chocaholic, I chose the hazelnut frozen yogurt. Its subtle chocolate undertones complemented the sweet nutella taste, and I savored every decadent bite. My guy opted for the more natural flavors of pomegranate and green tea. While the former reminded me exactly of the fruit, just with a bit more sugar, the latter caught me by surprise. Call me crazy, but my taste buds assume all frozen treats should be sweet! The green tea froyo replicated its bitter namesake, so I didn’t try to sneak any more spoonfuls from his bowl.


Pinkberry has a chic yet welcoming atmosphere, friendly service, and multiple options besides a simple bowl of frozen yogurt. They rotate flavors seasonally, and I will definitely come back! already went back! I found a 2-for-1 coupon and ordered the mango froyo. Although I forgot my camera, I can still report that its subtle flavor provided a more neutral backdrop for my fruit toppings, and I’d get it again with the other coupon that I’m hoarding!




website: click here

Davis wiki: click here

hours: Mon-Sun 11a-11p


ordered: small hazelnut frozen yogurt, small pomegranate & green tea frozen yogurt

previously ordered: chocolate, lychee, watermelon, peach, strawberry, mango, and passion fruit frozen yogurts

menu comments: rotating seasonal flavors

charge more for toppings, regardless of how many you choose

also have fruit bowls, parfaits, and smoothies

etc: indoor & outdoor seating

give fairly big samples!




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