Davis Noodle City

August 9, 2012


On a warm summer evening, we strolled past the popular Sophia’s and through the door of restaurant #13, Davis Noodle City. The hostess greeted us with a smile, invited us to sit anywhere, and poured us tall glasses of water. When I pulled on my jacket—a big temperature shock from the Davis heat to the air-conditioned store!—she immediately offered to turn off the little fan unit behind me. And with that, she won me over.  


We impulsively ordered the chef’s noodle salad with chicken to split, and our mouths dropped open when she delivered the plate to our table. A huge pile of artfully layered noodles, cucumbers, purple cabbage, bean sprouts, and carrots greeted us, topped off with a generous showering of chopped peanuts. As I snapped photos of the dish, the lady smiled and mentioned that the Sacramento Magazine’s Food Issue previously featured the same salad on its front cover.



And I definitely know why! The crisp fresh vegetables perfectly complimented the soft thing noodles, and the cooks nicely sautéed the strips of white chicken meat (a nice alternative to the fried chicken frequently found at Chinese restaurants). The sweet peanut dressing was addicting; I continued reaching for one more bite—okay really, just one more!—despite my overstuffed stomach. Even with two of us, we failed to finish the huge salad!


Although I felt slightly disappointed by previous visits, this dinner at Davis Noodle City completely turned my opinions around. The sweet and attentive hostess catered to our every need (how many places adjust the thermostat just for you?) and provided us with fresh delicious food. I’ll be back to order that salad again, but first I’ll need to clear out an entire shelf in my fridge for the leftovers!



website: none

Davis wiki: click here

hours: Mon-Sat 11a-9:30p; Sun 11a-8:30p


ordered: chef’s noodle salad with chicken

previously ordered: curry chicken noodle bowl, five-spice beef noodle soup

menu comments: lots of vegetarian options

really large portion sizes!

slightly over-sauce their dishes

etc: almost always has seating available

benches and chairs a little hard (not padded very well)

place settings include chopsticks and a fork!




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