Hunan Bar & Restaurant

August 4, 2012


Okay, I confess… I’ve been procrastinating on trying to next couple of restaurants on the list. I’m not a fan of Chinese food—gelatinous sauces just aren’t my thing—and with not one but two Chinese places in the queue, I invented excuse after excuse to put them off. To deal with the dread, I invited a friend along to restaurant #12, and he promised to split an entrée so I could avoid leftovers.


Upon entering Hunan Bar & Restaurant, the host immediately seated us, and the waitress stopped by the table less than a minute later. Still decided my food fate, I asked for more time, and we settled on orange chicken.  



The hot and sour soup arrived quickly. Full of tofu, shredded carrots, and mushrooms (sigh), I refrained from tasting a spoonful. No allergic reactions for me, thanks!



Two minutes later—a little too soon, in my opinion—the kitchen sent out our entrée. Drenched in a brown sauce, which tasted more like soy than citrus, the chicken was originally fried, but it turned soggy and chewy from soaking in the sauce for too long. Not the most appetizing texture. Large chunks of orange peel mingled with the chicken, but I avoided those. (I prefer the juicy fruit of an orange, not the bitter rind…)


The accompanying steamed rice was cooked perfectly, not too crunchy nor overdone. The long chow mein noodles, although boiled nicely as well, were coated in oil, and the cooks barely threw in any cabbage or bean threads or shredded carrots. A fried wonton sat atop the large plate of food, but it too was greasy and contained very little cream cheese filling. But the waitress did bring out two fortune cookies with our bill!


Hunan Bar & Restaurant serves Americanized Chinese dishes. They give you a lot of food for a fairly cheap price, but if you enjoy healthier meals, skip Hunan’s and try a different place instead.



website: none

Davis wiki: click here

hours: lunch 11a-3p Mon-Sat

dinner 3-9:30p Mon-Thurs, 3-10:30 p Fri-Sat, 12-9:30p Sun


ordered: orange chicken with soup (lunch special)

menu comments: separate lunch and dinner menus (lunch cheaper!)

only 2 vegetarian entrées on the lunch menu

lots of chicken, beef, and shrimp options

only a few pork and squid dishes

etc: servers there to work, not chat or explain the menu

10% off orders to go




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