Beach Hut Deli

July 26, 2012


I sacrificed a lot for restaurant #11. A whole lot. Why, you might ask? Well, I love breakfast. Love, savor, adore, cherish… From cereal and bagels to yogurt and coffee cake, I look forward to my food every morning. And I skipped the best meal of the entire day to bike to the Beach Hut Deli. (Yes, I woke up late. Accidentally!)


I invited my old roommate along, and we nearly played eenie-meenie-miney-mo like first graders to choose our sandwiches off of the menu board. We actually deicded before we reached the front of the line, and we placed our order with the friendly girl behind the register.  



Although we waited for our meal inside, we walked our sandwich-laden Frisbee plates out to the surfboard tables near the street to eat. I ordered the small North Shore on a wheat roll, sans the Italian dressing, mayo, and onions. (I hate raw onion breath. Yuck, ew, gross.) With three layers of meat—ham, turkey, and peppered pastrami—and a massive pile of lettuce, I could barely fold the sandwich in half to take a bite! The bread, really soft and subtly sweet, perfectly complimented the crisp lettuce and savory meat. The freshness of the ingredients impressed me, and I ate every last bite.



My roommate decided on a small Pig Kahuna. A saucy scoop of hot barbeque pulled pork towered on top of a toasted (yet still soft!) French roll, and a layer of pineapple pieces and melted cheddar finished off her sandwich. Since bits of meat fell out with every bite, I stole a piece (with permission, of course!) and immediately admitted that she chose wisely. The sandwich, too messy to ever set down, delivered a delicious taste and filling meal.


The Beach Hut Deli’s surfer décor and hot sandwiches provide a unique twist to standard lunchtime fare. Although full of fresh ingredients, their deli-style sandwiches may not be worth the extra $4 or $5 compared to their Subway counterparts. But I’m still planning on ordered my own Pig Kahuna (or Beach BBQ) sandwich someday!



website: click here

Davis wiki: click here

hours: Mon-Fri 11a-8p; Sat-Sun 11a-5p


ordered: small North Shore sandwich, small Pig Kahuna sandwich

menu comments: sandwiches come in three sizes

the majority come with cream cheese (something I’d never seen before on a deli sandwich!)

also have a burger, salad, hot dogs, and nachos

serve beer

etc: indoor and outdoor seating

funky surfer décor (surf boards, straw hut roofs, etc.)




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