Cloud Forest Café

July 20, 2012


On my way home from work one afternoon, I met a friend at restaurant #10, the Cloud Forest Café. (10 down already?? I can’t believe it!) To escape the heat, we raced into the store and placed our order with the smiling cashier. With only two other people sitting at indoor tables, we chose a place against the back wall to wait for our drinks.  



The cashier doubled as a barista, and she quickly called out my small iced tea. The beverage, more than half-filled with ice cubes, tasted like a generic black tea without any sweetener added. Nothing fancy or frilly, but refreshing on a warm summer day! I had really hoped—prayed, even—for a small scone or pastry to go with my tea, but the display case only held a short stack of regular sugar cookies. Ah well, the early bird gets the worm muffin…



My friend’s large mixed berry smoothie packed a powerful strawberry punch! Lucky enough to steal a sip, I barely detected anything except those juicy strawberries. Because of the deep red color, it probably contained some combination of raspberries, blueberries, or blackberries as well, but the menu board didn’t reveal anything (and he finished it off too quickly for me to try another taste!).


With its relaxed atmosphere and light lunch offerings, the Cloud Forest Café easily fits right in to this college town’s personality. A good place to study or catch up with friends, it’s worth dropping by if you get a chance.



website: click here (Facebook only)

Davis wiki: click here

hours: Mon-Sat 7:30a-7p; Sun 9a-6p


ordered: small iced tea, large mixed berry smoothie

menu comments: breakfast and lunch paninis, salads

some pastries and cookies—but get there early in the day!

smoothie, teas, and all of the typical coffee drinks

etc: indoor and outdoor seating, free wifi

decorated with tasteful paintings by Rhonda Egan—all for sale

35¢ charge if use a credit card for less than a $5 purchase




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