Village Bakery

July 15, 2012


Located on the edge of downtown, the Village Bakery boasts a large variety of flour-y goods, from bread and muffins to pastries and pizza. When I visited restaurant #9 late one evening, the vegetarian pizza in the display case caught my eye, and I impatiently stood in line behind a young couple, waiting for my turn to fill my growling stomach.  



But the animal-lover pair ahead of me snagged the last 3 slices of the veggie-laden pie. Instead of smelling the tantalizing aroma for 20 torturous minutes until the next one finished in the oven, I asked for a slice of cheese. The cashier placed a wide triangle on a paper plate, and I grabbed a wad of napkins from the dispenser to dab at the grease that had pooled while the pizza sat in the case. Covered with plenty of cheese but barely any sauce, the thing crust provided a hint of wood-fired flavor from the oven and still puffed up enough around the rim to satisfy the bread-aholic in me.


While their pizza didn’t reach #1 on my list of favorites, I’ll definitely go back to Village Bakery to buy bread—and hopefully try a scone or chocolate lava cake too!



website: none

Davis wiki: click here

hours: Mon-Sat 5:30a-9p; Sun 11:30a-8p


ordered: one slice of cheese pizza

menu comments: almost always cheese, pepperoni, and veggie pizza slices available

can also order full pizzas; lots of options!

freshly baked bread, including sourdough, epi, and baguette loaves

pastries include muffins, scones, tiramisu, fruit tarts, chocolate lava cakes

etc: a few small tables inside and outside

can and bottle recycling encouraged




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