Delta of Venus

July 6, 2012


After multiple birthday dinners and desserts at out-of-town restaurants over the past two weeks, I finally set aside time to visit the next place on the list. I walked into Delta of Venus one weekday evening, ready to enjoy my first taste of Jamaican food. The cashier jotted down our choices, and we sat at a tiny indoor table to wait.  



Because of my month-long vegan diet last summer, I excitedly ordered the ginger seitan, my favorite vegan protein option. (For the complete carnivores scratching their heads, seitan is essentially wheat meat—but still incredibly high in protein!) While the spicy ginger notes shone through, the seitan drowned in the sauce and quickly turned mushy and texturally unappetizing. Both the collared greens and rice pilaf (rice, pinto beans, and tomatoes) were cold, as if they had sat in a vat all evening and had narrowly escaped the trash can when we walked into the restaurant. The rice clumped together and lacked flavor, while the limp greens desperately needed seasoning. However, the thick fried banana chip tasted wonderfully sweet, and I wanted another two or three to appear on my plate.



My dinner companion ordered the jerk chicken, although he peeled twice as much skin and fat off of the bones than meat. Disappointed by the sides as well, we both left almost all of the rice and greens alone.


It could be that we stopped by too close to closing, or it could be that the chef had an off night, but I left Delta of Venus underwhelmed and without any strong desire to return. Perhaps their lunchtime sandwiches and baked goods taste better than our dinner, but I’ll let someone else test out that theory.



website: click here

Davis wiki: click here

hours: Mon-Wed 7:30a-10p (kitchen closes earlier); Thurs-Fri 7:30a-12a; Sat-Sun 7:30a-6p

breakfast until 2p; lunch until 5:30p


ordered: ginger seitan, jerk chicken

menu comments: almost exclusively egg dishes for breakfast and sandwiches for lunch

Jamaican food for dinner

homemade baked treats (muffins, cookies, etc)

very vegan and vegetarian friendly

etc: indoor and outdoor seating

every room inside painted a different vibrant color

extra charge if use a card instead of cash





  1. Wow, really nice! Jamaica is so beautiful. I just wrote an article about my trip there and all my recommendations of what to do and see. Check it out:



    • Thanks for sharing. Although I doubt I’ll do much more than enjoy Jamaican food in my own town, it’s good to hear about other people’s experiences as well!

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