Icekrimski Café

June 27, 2012


After leaving my oven turned on for hours to bake both a cake and cupcakes, my home quickly reached sauna-like temperatures, and I desperately wanted a cool treat to deal with the heat. With over 20 flavors of gelato and sorbet, Icekrimski Café sounded like the perfect plan.  


I parked almost directly in front of their door, and we walked into restaurant #6, amused by the large glass candy jars lining the shelves on the walls. A window cutout left a hole in the back of the store so moviegoers at the Varsity Theater could buy desserts as well.



A quick sample taste confirmed my order: the crème brûlée and chocolate hazelnut gelatos. The server filled a child-sized cup with my two choices and topped it off with a triangular wafer. The crème brûlée was divine, a lovely vanilla flavor with streaks of caramel and chocolate. The hazelnut overpowered the chocolate in my second gelato, slightly surprising and a bit disappointing for this self-proclaimed chocaholic. The wafer lacked taste, although it was still a good textural compliment to the creamy frozen dessert.



My partner-in-crime asked for strawberry and blackberry cabernet sorbets. Each one boasted a bright fruity flavor, perfectly clean and not artificial at all. In the latter, we actually tasted a bit of wine, which deepened the blackberry and brought out its rich undertones.


Although a little pricier, Icekrimski Café sells delicious gelato, a unique frozen treat compared to the numerous ice cream and frozen yogurt shops in town. By offering me the ability to choose two flavors in one bowl, the store ensured I’d be back to try their desserts again—maybe key lime pie or banana walnut next time.



website: click here

Davis wiki: click here

hours: Sun-Thurs 1-9p; Fri-Sat 12-10p (summer; close earlier during the year)


ordered: crème brûlée and chocolate hazelnut gelatos, strawberry and blackberry cabernet sorbets

menu comments: both standard and more interesting flavors, ranging from vanilla bean and cookie dough to honey lavender and Bavarian mint

can order 2 flavors in both the child and small size cups

20 ¢ discount if pay with cash

etc: tiny store! plan on eating outside

can order from inside the Varsity Theater




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