Dos Coyotes Border Cafe

June 23, 2012


After a long day of work, my feet complained that they hurt too much to stand in the kitchen to cook dinner, so I called up a friend and trekked out to restaurant #5, Dos Coyotes. A friendly cashier greeted us, quickly punched in our order, and handed us a number. After a brief stop at the self-serve salsa bar, we sat down in the practically empty dining room.  



Within 5 minutes, a waitress set our plates on the table and left with an “Enjoy guys!” I grabbed a fork, divided the heaping pile of meat and cheese between two tortillas, and poured salsa on top. The pulled pork itself was under seasoned (a bit of salt or pepper could have done wonders), but the flavorful salsa added depth and a delicious roasted taste to the tacos. Not my favorite dish on the menu—that award goes to the Yucatan chicken salad!—but I wanted to try something new and lighter.


With locations in both North and South Davis, Dos Coyotes caters to people’s Tex-Mex cravings all over town. While neither fancy nor gourmet, the food easily fills up hungry customers for a decent price. I’ll be back, but I’ll probably order my salad instead.



website: click here

Davis wiki: click here

hours: Mon-Sun 11a-9p (open later during the summer)


ordered: pulled pork soft taco

previously eaten: chicken, steak soft tacos; Southwester chicken burrito; Yucatan chicken salad (my favorite thing on the menu, and it easily serves 2-3 people!)

menu comments: good sized portions

nearly every entrée comes with tortilla chips

burritos on the heavier side

large salsa bar, including multiple mild, medium, and hot options

vegetarian options somewhat limited

etc: nicely decorated on the inside with a Southwestern theme

some outdoor seating




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