The Candy House of Davis

June 17, 2012


I found heaven. Complete bliss. An absolute Eden. Although only stop #3 on my little food tour, the Candy House of Davis will most likely be my favorite place in the whole town.


Upon entering the shop, a subtle wave of chocolate poured over me, filling my nose with the tantalizing aroma of decadent treats. Handmade baby grand pianos, houses, bowls, and animal shapes—all out of chocolate!—filled the shelves, the mark of a true master chocolatier. Rows and rows of truffles, nut clusters, and festive molds lay in the display cases waiting to be eaten.  



While I walked around marveling at the chocolates (and contemplating how many I could eat before my stomach exploded), the owned slipped a plate onto the front counter with over 20 pieces of fudge—both dark chocolate and a layered trio of white, milk, and dark—just for my friend and me to try. After one nibble, we were both hooked. We ordered a half-pound of the dark chocolate fudge, a milk chocolate almond cluster, and both a caramel and passion fruit truffle. Then the owner, the most generous gentleman in Davis, told us each to pick out one more truffle… On the house.



A creamy center, about the consistency of caramel or fudge topping for ice cream, filled each truffle. The passion fruit and cherry were nicely fruity and sweet without tasting artificial. The dark chocolate reminded me of my favorite brownie batter, rich and deep and a chocaholic’s dream. We nearly fought over the caramel with its light and lovely center!



Although not much of a milk chocolate person, I still found myself reaching for another piece of the cluster just to bite off the excess chocolate covering the nuts. While unsalted, the almonds absorbed some of the chocolate’s sweetness, and the two flavors blended beautifully.



And the fudge. Oh the fudge. I’ve only seen dark chocolate fudge at one other store in my entire life, and this one beat it hands down. So soft and luscious, I wanted to eat the whole slab all by myself. Full from truffles, I still cut myself multiple slices and let it slowly melt in my mouth.


Whether you cannot live without chocolate or merely tolerate it, the Candy House of Davis is one store everyone in town should visit. With such a thoughtful and kindhearted owner and richly delicious treats, I’ll definitely be back again and again.



website: click here

Davis wiki: click here

hours: Mon-Sat, 10a-6p


ordered: a half pound of dark chocolate fudge, a milk chocolate almond cluster, four small truffles (passion fruit, cherry, caramel, dark chocolate)

menu comments: anything and everything chocolate you can imagine!

large and small truffles


chocolate-covered fruit, pretzels, nuts (single and clusters), raisins, cookies


natural chocolate

seasonal and year-round molds

gift boxes

etc: two tables in the center of the store covered in seasonal chocolates

chess tables in the corner

sweetest, most generous owner!





  1. I think I just went into a diabetic coma!

    • I was the same way! I felt just like a little kid in, well, a candy store when I waked in, and I was definitely on a sugar high when I left the shop!

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