June 10, 2012




To kick off the big adventure, I grabbed an unsuspecting friend and walked into Luigi’s. Since we both rank Hawaiian as #1 on our list, we ordered a medium pizza and sat down to wait. Not long after, the hot pie arrived at our table, and we immediately dug in.  


Little specks of black pepper, dried oregano, and Parmesan with just a hint of garlic dotted the pineapple and ham. With so much cheese (and yet not greasy at all), the strings stretched out almost a foot as I placed the first piece of my plate.


Only a thin layer of tomato sauce lay underneath the cheese, almost nonexistent in some spots, which slightly disappointed the tomato lover in me. The crust, a little too thin for my liking (although I’m a huge carbaholic!), was still done perfectly—not too crispy, not too chewy, and not black and burned.


Despite normally turning my nose up at any restaurant serving thin crust pizza, I’d definitely go back a second time.



website: none

Davis wiki: click here

hours: 11a-10p Sun; 11a-11p Mon-Thurs; 11a-2:30a Fri-Sat


ordered: medium Hawaiian pizza

menu comments: minimal toppings, mainly the classics

also offer pasta, sandwiches, salad

some baked goods up by the cashier

etc: both indoor and outdoor seating

Davis students get 25% off each order with ID

different Happy Hour deal each day from 3-6 pm Mon-Fri, including $1 off a slice, $3 slice of cheese/pepperoni, $5 off a large pizza





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